Sep 9, 2004 – Vancouver Public Library 7pm
Vocal Jazz History 101


Enjoy this free seminar on the history of vocal jazz. Distinctive periods and the notable singers within each period will be discussed. Trademark songs and great performances by historically important singers will be sampled during the seminar to increase your appreciation of the vocal jazz art form and its evolution. Limited to 300 people.


Sep 12, 2004–Tom Lee Music 929 Granville Street 12noon to 2pm
Sheila Jordan Vocal Workshop

  $150 & $120 Early Bird
Limited Enrolment on a first come first register basis, to register
call 604-872-2346

Sheila Jordan’s engaging workshop will cover many important topics faced by professional singers. Absorb what this legendary artist has to share about her originality & years of experience!

How to communicate with instrumentalists
• Suitable keys
• Importance of lead sheets
• Dedication to the music
• Unimportance of Scat
• General Performance
• Other topics based on class level

Professional performers who have spent thousands of dollars attending weekend or short music study camps in the United States will find this master class workshop rate an incredible bargain by comparison. Workshop fee is payable via cheque to Basil & Thyme Jazz Society. Pre-registration required.


Sep 18, 2004 – Tom Lee Music 929 Granville Street 10am to 12noon
Jeri Brown (5-JUNOs) Vocal Workshop

  $130 & $100 Early Bird
Limited Enrolment on a first come first register basis, to register
call 604-872-2346

Jeri Brown’s engaging workshop will cover many of the important topics faced by professional vocalists. This legendary world-class Canadian performing artist and teacher has tons of knowledge and experience to share in her one only 2004 workshop in Vancouver. Topics include

• Healthy Singing (Physical Balance, Breathe Easily, Staying Present),
• Preparing to Sing (Focusing, Movement, Warming up Your Voice),
• Selecting Music to Sing (Range & Tessitura, Melody, Text, Rhythm)
• Learning Music Efficiently (Words, Rhythm, Melody, Putting it all together)
• Practice Habits (Small Room, Checklist for Practice Session)
• Performing (Nerves, Presence, The Message)
• Improvisation
• Back phrasing
• Anticipation
• Contours
• Extra Topics (editing, silence, melismatic ornamentation, angular leaps, stick, glissando)


Sep 11, 2004 – Tom Lee Music Downtown 10am
Jose Sanchez Cuban Drumming Workshop


Jose Sanchez is a recognized master of Cuban Percussion. This workshop will include theoretical discussions of the brief Cuban history (political scene in Cuba at the beginning of Spanish conquest); socio economic conditions inspired in Cuban colonial times; importance of slaves as a substitute of natives in the island (main ethnic groups and settlements); origin of Afro-Cuban instruments; importance of religion in the formation and development of Cuban music (syncretism phenomena); Cuban folklore and main styles; Bata drums ensemble; Rumba cycle (Yambú, Guaguancó and Columbia); origin of Cuban Son; influences of other cultures in the formation of Cuban music and the main music styles in the XIX and XX centuries.