To VOLUNTEER for the Vancouver Sweet Basil Singers' Festival or the Sweet Basil Jazz Series, please call Michel Pan @ (604) 872-2346 or email your resume to sweetbasiljazz@hotmail.com.

Festival volunteers' sign-up meetings, orientation and training occur weeks prior to the festival. In order to be included, please call and sign-up today. Have fun and meet other music lovers and jazz aficionados!

Volunteer for the following positions or activities:

* Posters and program guides distribution
* Sound engineering and PA department lead technicians
* Graphics and web site design (experience req'd)
* Fundraising-donations department staff & personnel
* Program guide advertising sales account representatives
* Stage managers, stage lighting and set up crew
* Venue management, coordination and set up
* Volunteer management, recruiting and training
* Artists pickup & drop off to/from venue & hotel (nice car required)
* Department coordinator on a year round basis
* Administration and project management staff
* Media management staff (extensive experience req'd)
* Business and contract manager (experience req'd)
* Board members (extensive fundraising experience req'd)
* For other unlisted tasks or positions, call festival director

Please note volunteers who donate services and time prior to the festival dates are first-in-line for volunteering positions during the festival. Volunteering rewards commensurate with volunteering effort! Thank you for volunteering and participating; it is one of the best ways to grow and mature.